Shipping And Taxes


We are shipping from Belgium, Brussels.

For any request of this kind do not hesitate to contact us.


Normal Shipping takes 4-7 days to reach you depending on where you live.  If you live in a rural area it may take a little longer.  We have had customers receive their shipment in as little as 2 days! You will also receive a tracking number in your email when your vehicle is getting ready to ship. Please make sure that you answer your phone for the shipping company though because they will not deliver your vehicle without contacting you first to schedule delivery. 


You are solely responsible for paying outstanding taxes and duties (if applicable) in compliance with local tax laws and regulations.

ATV Genius shall not be liable for any cost of damage or expense as a result of an error from calculating taxes and duties pertaining to your order.

EU import tax: VAT is included in the displayed prices.


Occasionally, parcels are returned to us as undeliverable. We will re-dispatch your order whereby any additional charges shall be borne by you.

Incorrect address: If the address is incorrect or outdated, the parcel will typically be returned to us by our carrier or unintended recipient. Please double-check the address carefully before placing your order.

Incorrect address format: If our system does not recognize the format of the address, the carrier may not be able to deliver the parcel to such address.

Failed delivery attempts: the carrier will make more than one attempt to deliver a parcel. In the event of a failed delivery attempt, the parcel will be returned to us.

Refused by recipient: A gift recipient who is not expecting a gift may refuse a parcel if he/she believes that it is being delivered by mistake.

Illegible address: In rare cases, address labels may become illegible in transit. In such case, the carrier will return the parcel to us.

Damaged in transit: If a parcel is damaged during the transit, the carrier may return the parcel to us without attempting delivery.

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