The most updated CF MOTO atv with mid-displacement engine, 495cc.
  • CFMOTO - ZForce 1000 Sport EPS

    Big V-Twin power and torque, all new Quadlink suspension and amazing value for money.




Looking to Buy an ATV?

Start your epic journey navigating through the wilderness and exploring unique backcountry trails on an ATV. With the performance and mobility to get you out of tough spots, four wheelers are the ultimate off-roading vehicles. Visit our ATV dealership.

We have them all: CF Moto 450, CF Moto 520, CF Moto 625, CF Moto 1000, Polaris Sportsman XP 1000, Can Am Renegade, Can Am Spyker and many more.

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All-terrain vehicles or ATVs, also known as four wheelers or quads, are versatile and rugged vehicles that can take you over difficult terrain with ease. Splash through mud, ride rocky trails and explore forested trails on your ATV. If you’re thinking about buying an ATV, ATV Genius is your local quad dealer. Below, you’ll find some more information on what ATVs can offer you.
Features of ATVs
ATVs keep you grounded on four sturdy wheels with a high ground clearance to make way for rocky paths and uneven terrain. Their powerful engines are capable of handling a lot, whether you’re hauling and towing on the farm or job site, or you’re off-roading in the dunes with friends. Like a motorcycle, quads are ridden straddle-style and generally only have seating for one passenger, although a few models provide room for two. ATVs are controlled with handlebars that have a throttle and a brake incorporated in them, also like a motorcycles.
ATVs are meant to handle any terrain, whether dry or wet or rocky or sandy, although they may need modifications for certain tasks. Specialty paddle tires can be put on your quad to help you drive through sand more easily, while knobbier tires will give you more grip on wet terrain. Some riders seek out a particular style of ATV for the type of riding they want to do, whether it’s more utilitarian or more sporty. If you are looking for the best atv for sale, this is the place.
ATV Uses
You can use an ATV for work or recreational purposes. When it comes to work, many utility-focused quads are built strong with high hauling and towing capabilities so you can pull a trailer with cargo, tow debris like fallen trees out of a path or hitch up a piece of heavy farm equipment to work in your fields. ATVs are great if you need to transport yourself quickly over a large piece of land that lacks a road for cars.
As for recreation, your ATV can be used to off-road wherever it’s legal, or you can choose to ride a trail and explore nature. You can also investigate tracks and participate in races if you have a sportier style of quad. Whatever you want to do, an ATV can help you do it!
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